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How to remove the activate web console message on CentOS

When you login from the command line or when you SSH into CentOS, you may see a message telling you to activate the web console. You can stop the message of "Activate the web console with: systemctl enable --now cockpit.socket" from displaying by running the command below.

How to create a bootable ISO image for a macOS installer

There are a few uses for creating a bootable ISO image of a macOS installer, including for those who want to run macOS as a guest virtual machine in either VirtualBox or VMware. You'll need to have at least 18 GB of free disk space, and the correct macOS installer already downloaded. Once you're ready, run the correct command for your choice of operating...

How to enable Apple's native NTFS write support on macOS

While Apple has always allowed users to read NTFS volumes, there is a hidden feature you can use to enable built-in NTFS write support on macOS. If you're looking for a file system to use on a drive for interoperability between macOS, Windows, and Linux, you should probably use exFAT with GPT.

How to download the full installers for macOS

Apple normally allows you to download full copies of their operatings systems from the App Store. They also give you the option to download updates directly from Apple Support. Now from within macOS 10.15 Catalina, Apple has introduced a feature that allows you to download the full macOS installers (for the supported versions listed below) directly from the command line. Be sure to replace...

How to silence Unknown Callers on iOS

Not every call we get is spam. So make sure you use this with care, otherwise you could end up silencing important phone calls. This feature does not block people from calling you, but it stops your phone from ringing and sends everyone who is not a contact in your phone book to voicemail. This can be a great tool if your phone number...

How to activate the floating keyboard on iPadOS

As iPads get bigger and bigger, typing on it can become somewhat cumbersome. With the release of iPadOS 13, Apple has included a floating keyboard option. To enable this feature, once the standard onscreen keyboard appears in any app, use your thumb and index finger to pinch inward on the keyboard. This will shrink the keyboard down to one that is similar to that...

How to setup a custom policy banner on macOS

You can display a custom policy banner to be displayed at the login window on a macOS system and forces a user to accept it. This is different from setting a custom login screen message that doesn't require any user interaction.

How to build libdvdcss 1.4.2 on macOS

The latest version of libdvdcss for macOS available is 1.4.2 and was released in 2018. You may need to have this installed in order to utilize Handbrake. This tutorial is actually broken up into two parts. The first part covers installing it with the Homebrew package manager. The second part will cover building the library from the source code. Either choice will work, it...

How to install Jekyll 4.0 on macOS

Whether you're using Jekyll to build your own blog, static site, or using it as part of a development environment, you can get it up and running on your macOS system in a few simple steps. You'll be running all of these commands from the terminal. Be sure to check out the documentation and review the additional commands below after installation.